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Meet Lisa. She's one of the many adults who couldn't care less for Halloween. She uses her time to do something productive and efficient. She doesn't waste her precious time and money on a costume that she could only wear once. And most importantly, she doesn't try too hard. Be like her, dear adults!


(1) "Last night, my husband told me that I am the eighth wonder of the world!", said Shonya. 
"What did you reply, then?", asked her friend. 
"I warned him not to let me ever catch him with any of the other seven." 

(2) A tea party in honor of freedom fighters was in progress at Obama's house. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were also present there. 
Suddenly a group of terrorists take over the party. 
They line up Obama, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump for execution. 
As the firing squad gets ready, Hilary Clinton yells, "Earthquake!" and escapes in the commotion that follows. 
The executioners get ready again and as they take aim, Obama shouts, "Flood!" and he too escapes. 
The firing squad lines up for the third time, now Donald Trump tries the same idea and yells, "Fire!"


Love Is, When He's By Your Side In Sickness

"I, take you to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish and worship until death do us part."

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There's nothing purer than the vows made by a loving heart to his/her beloved in this entire universe. And a person can not be gratified enough if they have a loving and loyal partner by their side. What more can one ask for if they have a man/wife who keeps their vows until the very end?

We yearn for love the most when we're sad, hurt, sick or lonely. A tight hug, a kiss on the forehead or your partner just sitting by your side makes everything better. Such is the power of love. 

'A friend in need is a friend indeed', right? Then, I say, a lover in need is a lover indeed. You know that someone truly loves you when they're always there for you, especially during the bad times, because that's when you need them the most. And there is no problem a hug or a little affection by your lover can't ease. Because, the arms of a loving partner is the only known heaven to a man in love. And there are never any problems in heaven, only bliss. 

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McDonald's McCafe Peppermint Mocha

It did not take long for astute habitués of McDonald's to notice that if you squint a bit and look at the design a certain way, it no longer looks like mittens, but something a bit cheekier.

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You don't need to squint to see that, Twitter user Sam Sykes has saved you from squinting and has done us all a very disgusting favor by making some modifications on the cup. Yup, that's a butt, a guy spreading his butt cheeks, whatever you can see (you can't see any butt hole, though. Thank God!?). It couldn't get any nastier than that!

Butt, of course it could. Have you got any answer for Skinny412's question, Mister Sam Sykes?

Twitterati's funny response to McDonald's new Christmas cup

This is a more convincing illustration. No butt hole here too, thank God!

BTW, did you notice that the sketched over hand on the cup has five fingers, not four?

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A lot of simple and catchy headlines could perfectly fit for this post, like- These Animal Photoshop Edits Are Hilarious, Photoshop Edits At It's Best, What If Animals Were Unscrupulous?, Stunning Animal Photo-Manipulations, 10 Fake Animal Hybrids That Will Give You A Good Laugh, etc. And, if I were to falsely attract your attention, headlines like '10 Hybrid Animals You Didn't Know Exist' or 'Top 10 Most Amazing Hybrid Animals You Won't Believe Actually Exist' would've done the trick. But since 2016 was the year of Harry Potter (courtesy of: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), it is only appropriate to give this post a Harry Potter twist.

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It is a common knowledge that Ron Weasley lacked much of a talent when it came to magic spells and magic skills. Remember how he couldn't even get an easy spell like "eat slugs" right? Well, just imagine how terribly wrong his spells would go if he were to cast them on animals to convert them! I mean, you don't really have to imagine, just scroll down.

1. Converto frogo-alligato!

Alligator-Frog hybrid

Alligator-Frog hybrid

2. Converto birdo-baboono!

Baboon-Bird hybrid

Baboon-Bird hybrid

3. Converto bee-bea!

Bee-Bear hybrid

Bat-Bee hybrid

4. Converto crowa-gorilla!

Gorilla-Crow hybrid

Gorilla-Crow hybrid

5. Converto elephanta-gorilla!

Gorilla-Elephant hybrid

Gorilla-Elephant hybrid

6. Converto pigeonante-manatee!

Manatee-Pigeon hybrid

Manatee-Pigeon hybrid

7. Converto owl-orangutan!

Owl-Orangutan hybrid

Owl-Orangutan hybrid

8. Converto shark-o-pug!

Pug-Shark hybrid

Pug-Shark hybrid

9. Converto shark-o-bea!

Shark-Bear hybrid

Shark-Bear hybrid

10. Converto rhino-kangaroo!

Rhinoceros-Kangaroo hybrid 

Rhinoceros-Kangaroo hybrid

This is new for me, I don't post a collection of GIFs (that are more than 1 MB in size) in a post because I fear that someone who's got slow internet connection would get really pissed by such a post. These GIFs are more than 3 MB to 8 MB in size. So, I'm really very sorry if you have to wait long, for the GIFs to load.

But, I figured, in the age of 4G internet connection, why not? Posts like these are fun to check out, provided you have a good internet connection. So, here it is, ta-taa-da-daa. I present to you, 5 hilarious GIFs from Despicable Me movie that will cheer you up -

1. Dart Gun

Doctor Nefario: And here, of course, is the new weapon you ordered. 
*Nefario shoots at the Minion, he faints and falls down* 
Gru: No, no. I said "dart gun", not... Okay.

Dart Gun, Fart Gun, Minions, Dr. Nefario, Despicable Me, Funny GIF

2. Tiny Toilet

Vector: Look at you, a little tiny toilet, for a little tiny baby... 
*The pot pipe breaks* 
Vector: Curse you, tiny toilet!

Vector, Despicable Me, Funny GIF, Tiny Toilet

3. Werewolf

When a man transforms into another creature, his clothes get tore off. But when he transforms back to his human-self, he somehow has all his clothes on. This is the common mistake we've seen in movies for ages. But, finally, this scene's got it right. Oh, what a relief!

Werewolf, Despicable Me, Funny GIF

4. High Tides

It's common knowledge that the waves occur because of moon's gravity. But, what would happen if somehow, the moon were to shrink? Ditto as in this GIF. 

It is so hilarious though, how that guy falls on that rock. It's an animation, otherwise if that had actually happened to a human being, that rock would have been colored red in seconds!

Despicable Me, Funny GIF

5. Butt

I hope, you guys laughed more than the minions have laughed in this GIF. And, I hope you guys laughed out loud. And, I hope your laugh freaked someone out.

Butt, Minions, Funny GIF, Despicable Me

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Trolls and memes maybe a thing of the past, but their charm hasn't faded a bit in this GIF-trending internet world. Trolls and memes are what we can call internet's "old is gold" and "evergreen". Not only are trolls and memes absolutely hilarious, full of sarcasm, and sometimes annoying, but they can be considered as "art".

Anyways, here are the 10 most hilarious, funniest and the bestest trolls & memes I promised you-

1. Makeup Magic

How some girls who usually wear makeup look like a 'boiled potato' when they don't wear makeup! It's because we get so used to looking at them in their winged eyeliner and stuff that they seem quite odd without makeup. Not that women need to wear makeup. Women are very beautiful as they are, no matter what shape, size or color.

Makeup Magic, Minions, Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Lakme, Maybelline, Mac, Lipsticks, Eye shadow, Kylie Cosmetics

2. Jockey Or Nothing!

Jockey International, Inc. is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of underwear, sleepwear for men, women, and children. It's tagline is: Jockey or nothing! 

Keeping the idiotic tagline in mind, I made this troll.

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Jockey, Undergarments, Bra, Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secrets, Underwear

 3. About Those News Feed Links

Internet is like a virtual world where websites are like cities waiting to be explored . People often hesitate to click on links because apparently they assume everything to be spam, and interestingly, these people are the ones who don't even have the slightest idea that what spam actually is. Typical people!

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Links, News Feed, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

 4. Cry Baby

Girls who wear makeup know how to hold back tears better than girls who don't. They have to be emotionally strong lest their makeup would be ruined! 

I will just say this much for this particular troll. I don't know what to say when John Legend finds Chrissy Teigen beautiful even when she cries (he confirmed this in All Of Me).

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Cat, Tears, Sad, Crying, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

5. Just Being Romantic

People have a habit of publicly expressing (or, showing off) their affection towards their other half on social media. But being in love doesn't mean that one knows how to perfectly caption the photographs they wish to share with the world!

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Love, Romance, True Love

6. Miss Pouty

This one is my absolute favorite. I was just browsing through google images to find a kitten for my other trolls when I found this cute little kitten. So, I just had to use this cute little kitten, and hence this troll. 

To a loving boyfriend, no matter how crazy pouts or duck-faces his girlfriend makes, she'll always look insanely adorable. The kinda adorable this kitten is to us.

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Girlfriend, Kitten, Pout, Duck face

7. Feisty Girlfriend

Girlfriends get angry at pretty much everything. They think they look horrifyingly fierce and feisty but all they look like is an adorable growling kitten. And how can they not look anything but cute to the guy who is smitten and head over heels in love with his girl?

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Girlfriend, Kitten, Lioness, Angry, Feisty, Furious

8. The Making Of Taylor Swift's 1989

Taylor Swift's known for writing songs about her ex boyfriends and as a result, making Grammy-award-worthy music. Her break-up with Harry Styles cost her a lot. Suddenly, she was the topic of tons of memes, trolls. Her haters grew like fungi. But, she shook it all off and soon started what she's best at- writing songs. Basically, her album 1989 is about her haters and Harry Styles but with a hint of pop.

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, 1989 Album, Songs, Lyrics, Music, Grammys

9. Makeup Babe

Simple is beautiful. Less is more and always better. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. 

Not only wearing too much makeup all the time makes one look like a joker, but it also harms one's skin. Makeup sucks the natural beauty and charm of the skin. Makeup on special occasions is acceptable, but I don't personally get people who wear makeup daily. But, I respect their choice, if that's what makes them feel confident, then be it.

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Makeup, Kylie's Cosmetics, Lipstick, Eye liner, Eye Shadow, Kajal, Lakme, Maybelline, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian

10. Fame Game

So, Kanye West thinks that he made Taylor Swift famous. According to him, if he hadn't interrupted Taylor Swift's VMA award acceptance speech, she wouldn't have been so famous. This is evident from the following lyrics (from his song Famous)- 
"For all my Southside n*ggas that know me best 
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex 
Why? I made that b*tch famous (God damn)
I made that bitch famous." 

But, Harry Styles thinks otherwise!

Trolls, Memes, Comics, Comic Strips, Funny, Hilarious, Jokes, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Harry Styles, Famous, Controversial, Songs, Lyrics


How To Get Over A Heartbreak, Brokenhearted, Heartbreak, Pain, Agony, Depression, Heal, Withstand, Drowning, Persevere, Win, Move On, Break Up

If you're here because you are in pain and want to get well but have no idea how to begin, this article might help you. I am writing this article, because when I was hurting, I felt helpless. I wanted help, magic and at times I wished I could fast-forward time. But, I wished not to wake up the next morning, the most. Heartbreak is always followed by depression. And depression feeds on your soul. It eats up your hopes, dreams, reasons to live, your purpose in life and it throws you in a dark place. It even excites the person it feeds on to end their life. But, things do get better, take my word, I'm a survivor. With this article I might be of some help to you, and hopefully you'll be prepared to fight pain and depression.

You might be stronger, but because you're here, you obviously need help or just a confirmation that life's not being unfair to you. This IS life. People get their heart broken, all the time. So, it is okay to be heartbroken, to be hurt and to be in immense pain. No, God doesn't hate you but has something good in store for you. Though, I have not experienced the "good" that's supposed to come out of bad times yet, but I am positive that everything does happen for good. And I believe that everyone get their heartbroken, everyone. Like everyone go through puberty, getting your heart broken is a phase everyone's supposed to go through. So, again, it is okay to be heartbroken. You'll be fine in the end.

1. Be Optimistic

The most important, the top-most thing you should have in mind is- "Everything happens for a reason, everything happens for good." Recite it everyday like a mantra. This optimism is what will keep you going. This mantra is what'll keep depression from taking your life. Remember, you're the hero of your story. Heroes are brave, they persevere, they win. And, what should you do to be the hero of your story? Be brave. Withstand. Persevere. Win.

How To Get Over A Heartbreak, Be Optimistic, Brokenhearted, Heartbreak, Pain, Agony, Depression, Heal, Withstand, Drowning, Persevere, Win, Move On, Break Up

2. Cry Your Pain Out

Oh, crying helps a lot. A lot. So, don't hold back your tears, cry out loud. But, cry. Bottling up your tears and emotions inside will only worsen your depression. Watch romantic movies, listen to old songs, that will warm-up your tear ducts and you'll be crying off loads of pain. 

Cry, but do not be sad. Cry, but cheer yourself up later, too. Channel all kinds of emotions (anger, frustration, etc) that you feel after crying in a way you see fit (I recommend: cooking, baking, lip-syncing, dancing, singing out loud, flipping your hair and sketching, etc). 

How To Get Over A Heartbreak, Cry Your Pain Out, Brokenhearted, Heartbreak, Pain, Agony, Depression, Heal, Withstand, Drowning, Persevere, Win, Move On, Break Up

3. Try To Keep Yourself Busy

It is very important to keep yourself busy, to stop your brain from thinking about what caused you pain. Start something you've always wanted to learn or do. Get a hobby. If you can, go on a vacation. Otherwise, invest your time in learning or doing things that make you happy. If not, just try to kill your spare time by watching some of your favorite sitcoms. That'll keep your mind off your aching-heart and it'll also cheer you up. Though, a healthy approach (and, the perfect revenge) would be to kill your spare time in a gym. Whatever suits you!

Here's another mantra: Live one day at a time. Don't think about future (without him/her) too much. 

How To Get Over A Heartbreak, Try To Keep Yourself Busy, Brokenhearted, Heartbreak, Pain, Agony, Depression, Heal, Withstand, Drowning, Persevere, Win, Move On, Break Up

4. Channel Your Feelings

Talk to your friends, family members or people you are comfortable sharing your feelings with. Tell them everything. Tell them everything as many times as you wish. And, if you reach to a point where you hesitate in telling them the same story a thousandth time, then start writing your feelings in a piece of paper. Say everything you wish to say to a piece of paper. Or, make an exclusive Twitter account and tweet everything, your pain, your emotions, your feelings. It will heal you.

How To Get Over A Heartbreak, Channel Your Feelings, Brokenhearted, Heartbreak, Pain, Agony, Depression, Heal, Withstand, Drowning, Persevere, Win, Move On, Break Up

5. Accept The Reality

You can't really begin to heal unless you accept the cruel reality. If you'll try to run away from the reality or be delusional, well then you are doomed. You maybe hoping that things will improve, hope but be in check with the facts, too. Accept the reality, as it may be. Do not be delusional. Do not hold your breath. Do not waste your time. 

Always remember this crucial information: You can live without him/her. You just didn't want to.

How To Get Over A Heartbreak, Accept The Reality, Brokenhearted, Heartbreak, Pain, Agony, Depression, Heal, Withstand, Drowning, Persevere, Win, Move On, Break Up, Healing Instantly

6. Sail To Your Dreamland

Be optimistic. Think about what you have, and what you can do with your future. Don't let the ghosts of past ruin the rest of your life. Focus on present, make plans for future. Set goals and dreams, and work on to achieve them. Everything else will fall in place and you'll be happy. The more you move forward in life, the less it will hurt. And though, thinking about it will always bring tears to your eyes, but it won't hurt you as much.

How To Get Over A Heartbreak, Sail To Your Dreamland, Brokenhearted, Heartbreak, Pain, Agony, Depression, Heal, Withstand, Drowning, Persevere, Win, Move On, Break Up, Happy Couple


Five Things About Taylor Swift Every Fan Is Too Afraid To Admit, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Boyfriends, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry

Now, who doesn't know about Taylor Swift? She's an American sweetheart, loved and worshiped by people from all over the world. From her music to her fashion style, personal life, romantic interests, breakups, song lyrics, famous BFFs, feuds, pet cats, and everything that has anything to do with Taylor Swift has always and always found a space in gossip and rumor spreading magazines, newspapers and website columns.

But, like you and me, Taylor is just a human and she has flaws, too. And, here are 5 things about Taylor Swift that prove that she's not perfect!

1. She Dates Too Much

Years ago, Taylor Swift fans argued that she's young and is allowed to have fun. This argument came after Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up and she was the 'victim' of slut-shaming. The world suddenly turned against Taylor and she was the 'victim' of utter hate.

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Her haters bashed her for writing songs about her exes to get attention and how none of her relationships last because she is the problem but not the men she dates. But as usual, Taylor did what she does best, she wrote a song called 'Shake It Off' about her haters and made millions of dollars out of it. Hey, make hay while the sun shines, right?

Five Things About Taylor Swift Every Fan Is Too Afraid To Admit, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Boyfriends, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry

2. She Falls In Love Easily

Taylor Swift is only 26 years old and she has dated a total of 19 (approx) famous and non-famous guys. That's a decent amount of boyfriends for a decent girl like Taylor Swift, don't you think? So, Taylor Swift fans, is she just having fun or too much fun?

But I admit, she must have gone through so much pain, breakups are never easy. And, 19 breakups make Taylor Swift more than just a 'victim' of utterly painful heartbreaks.

Five Things About Taylor Swift Every Fan Is Too Afraid To Admit, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Boyfriends, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry

3. She Stakes Her Heart For The Sake Of Genuine Lyrics

Taylor Swift is not a private person. Her life is an open book. And, she's known for her controversial song lyrics that she has written over the years about her ex boyfriends.

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Taylor Swift has only dated Brandon Borello, Jordan Alford, Sam Armstrong, Joe Jonas, Lucas Till, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Cory Montieth, Toby Hemingway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Young, Chord Overstreet, Garrett Hedlund, Eddie Redmayne, Zac Efron, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston till date.

But alas, some of her few exes didn't make enough of an impact on Taylor to earn them a song. But the rest of her boyfriends, they did hurt her deeply enough that she not only had to write songs about them, record them but she also had to share her pain with the world (As for Calvin Harris, lets just wait till Taylor releases her next album). Because, that's the only mature way Taylor Swift knows of, to get over her heartbreaks!

Five Things About Taylor Swift Every Fan Is Too Afraid To Admit, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Boyfriends, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry

4. She's A Hypocrite

So, apparently it's okay If Taylor Swift sings about other people, but if other people are to sing about her, they must take her approval for the lyrics! 

It is a known knowledge, that Taylor Swift took a direct dig at Kanye West in her Grammy's 2016 acceptance speech because he called her a 'b*tch' in his song Famous. She painted Kanye as a bad guy and a liar. While the truth was later revealed by provoked Mrs West that Kanye actually called Taylor Swift prior to the release of his song to give her a heads up. And Taylor gave her consent stating, "And you know, if people ask me about it I think it would be great for me to be like- Look, he called me and told me the line before it came out. Jokes on you guys, We're fine."

Anyways, Kanye didn't know that except for Taylor Swift, the rest of the singers and rappers are supposed to get a written consent from the people they're gonna sing about! And, he only called.

5. Blasting Kanye In Her Grammy's 2016 Acceptance Speech Was A Dumb Move

So, we all felt really sorry for Taylor Swift when Kanye West stole her thunder on that unfortunate night at the VMAs in 2009. And then Kanye West humiliated Taylor again when he released his single called 'Famous' in February, 2016. The lyrics offended Taylor to the point that she had to stoop so low and blast Kanye in her Grammy's 2016 acceptance speech. 

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As for the song Famous, what Kanye sang about Taylor was beyond shameful. Rappers aren't supposed to use dirty words such as n*gga, b*tch, f*ck, s*x, wh*re, sl*t, etc in their songs. Because that is not expected of a rapper, at all!

Turned out, Taylor did permit Kanye to sing about her and he wasn't lying about discussing the lyrics with her. Then, why did Miss Swift blabber that non-sense at the Grammys? Was she trying to take revenge? Did she see it as a perfect opportunity to paint Kanye as a bad guy? Obviously, she was unaware of the existence of their phone conversation. Anyways, it was such a dumb move and Taylor Swift of all people, should have known better.

Five Things About Taylor Swift Every Fan Is Too Afraid To Admit, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift Boyfriends, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry

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