This Girl's Instagram Post On Love Is Intense

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Oh love, it is a mystery. Love means so many different things to different people. And there's always something that's true about love in the definitions given by these different people. After all, they speak but from their own experiences with love or 'love'. 

People these days jump from one relationship into another, always looking for something better with someone better. As if they no longer care about love, but lust. There's always gonna be someone better! So, will they ever settle? 

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Also, fairy tale romance and Hollywood romantic movies have corrupted the true meaning of love. People have become so vain, they no longer seek spiritual connection, instead they think that their foot would pop when they'll kiss the one. Or, they'd feel a 'spark' when they'll meet the one. Ah, fantasies!

Well, here's one girl's honest, practical and quite true insight on love and relationships-

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She writes, "There's no such thing as a right man or a right woman. I believe that time forces us to become the right person for someone. No matter how good you are, or how much you love, if it's not the right time, he won't settle down with you. He'll take you for granted and wouldn't care. But, with age, people tend to be less careless and more desperate. So, even when a person ain't right, they make peace with them and make things work anyhow. Love? Eh! It's just a fantasy." 

In her next post, she explains, "So, my point is this- Do not be in a fantasy that love will find you and you will have a fairy tale like romance. Because love is nothing but desperation. When you're young, you don't realize the value of the warmth that another person can give to you. But when you grow old, you suddenly find yourself in a desperate need of the comforts of love. Being an ass as you were when you were young obviously wouldn't get you love, so you change. You become the 'right man' and she becomes the 'right woman'."

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She further clarifies what she really means in the caption. She writes-
The end has two meanings. I simply mean to say that- 
1. You change yourself to be the right person. 
2. Or, you make believe yourself that the other person is right for you. 
These are the only two things that will happen. You will have to change eventually. So, change but why not change for your own happiness' sake? Do not change so you can pretend to be happy someday."

Now that's freakishly intense, true and on point!

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