These Hilarious GIFs From Despicable Me Movie Will Cheer You Up

This is new for me, I don't post a collection of GIFs (that are more than 1 MB in size) in a post because I fear that someone who's got slow internet connection would get really pissed by such a post. These GIFs are more than 3 MB to 8 MB in size. So, I'm really very sorry if you have to wait long, for the GIFs to load.

But, I figured, in the age of 4G internet connection, why not? Posts like these are fun to check out, provided you have a good internet connection. So, here it is, ta-taa-da-daa. I present to you, 5 hilarious GIFs from Despicable Me movie that will cheer you up -

1. Dart Gun

Doctor Nefario: And here, of course, is the new weapon you ordered. 
*Nefario shoots at the Minion, he faints and falls down* 
Gru: No, no. I said "dart gun", not... Okay.

Dart Gun, Fart Gun, Minions, Dr. Nefario, Despicable Me, Funny GIF

2. Tiny Toilet

Vector: Look at you, a little tiny toilet, for a little tiny baby... 
*The pot pipe breaks* 
Vector: Curse you, tiny toilet!

Vector, Despicable Me, Funny GIF, Tiny Toilet

3. Werewolf

When a man transforms into another creature, his clothes get tore off. But when he transforms back to his human-self, he somehow has all his clothes on. This is the common mistake we've seen in movies for ages. But, finally, this scene's got it right. Oh, what a relief!

Werewolf, Despicable Me, Funny GIF

4. High Tides

It's common knowledge that the waves occur because of moon's gravity. But, what would happen if somehow, the moon were to shrink? Ditto as in this GIF. 

It is so hilarious though, how that guy falls on that rock. It's an animation, otherwise if that had actually happened to a human being, that rock would have been colored red in seconds!

Despicable Me, Funny GIF

5. Butt

I hope, you guys laughed more than the minions have laughed in this GIF. And, I hope you guys laughed out loud. And, I hope your laugh freaked someone out.

Butt, Minions, Funny GIF, Despicable Me

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