McDonald's New Christmas Cup's Got A Naughty Makeover

McDonald's McCafe Peppermint Mocha

It did not take long for astute habitu├ęs of McDonald's to notice that if you squint a bit and look at the design a certain way, it no longer looks like mittens, but something a bit cheekier.

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You don't need to squint to see that, Twitter user Sam Sykes has saved you from squinting and has done us all a very disgusting favor by making some modifications on the cup. Yup, that's a butt, a guy spreading his butt cheeks, whatever you can see (you can't see any butt hole, though. Thank God!?). It couldn't get any nastier than that!

Butt, of course it could. Have you got any answer for Skinny412's question, Mister Sam Sykes?

Twitterati's funny response to McDonald's new Christmas cup

This is a more convincing illustration. No butt hole here too, thank God!

BTW, did you notice that the sketched over hand on the cup has five fingers, not four?

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