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Meet Lisa. She's one of the many adults who couldn't care less for Halloween. She uses her time to do something productive and efficient. She doesn't waste her precious time and money on a costume that she could only wear once. And most importantly, she doesn't try too hard. Be like her, dear adults!


(1) "Last night, my husband told me that I am the eighth wonder of the world!", said Shonya. 
"What did you reply, then?", asked her friend. 
"I warned him not to let me ever catch him with any of the other seven." 

(2) A tea party in honor of freedom fighters was in progress at Obama's house. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were also present there. 
Suddenly a group of terrorists take over the party. 
They line up Obama, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump for execution. 
As the firing squad gets ready, Hilary Clinton yells, "Earthquake!" and escapes in the commotion that follows. 
The executioners get ready again and as they take aim, Obama shouts, "Flood!" and he too escapes. 
The firing squad lines up for the third time, now Donald Trump tries the same idea and yells, "Fire!"

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