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Ditto #44: We Love You Mothers Everywhere, GIF, Ditto, Agnes, Mother's Day, Maa, Mother, Mom, Mummy, Despicable Me 2, Love, Affection, Bliss, Blessing

"My mother is beyond compare,
We love you mothers, everywhere."

Some people say, "God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers". This is so true! A mother's love is Godly, magical, unconditional and the truest, most purest form of love. 

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We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, angelic and beautiful deity we call 'Maa' in our lives. Not only did she give us our life but she also nurtured us and made us strong enough to face every obstacle that life may throw at us. 

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We can never pay back the debt we owe to our mothers, not in this life, nor in any other. We can only love our offspring with the same intensity that our mothers love us with, and that's all we can do. And, only in this way we can show our gratitude and pay off a little fraction of all that our mothers did for us and continue to do everyday.

Happy Mother's Day to the wonderful mothers all around the world. We l
ve you so much.

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Ditto #43: I Love You Maa So Much, GIF, Ditto, Agnes, Mother's Day, Maa, Mother, Mom, Mummy, Despicable Me 2, Love, Affection, Bliss, Blessing

This ditto is made in honor of mothers everywhere. We love you mothers, everywhere, for all your endless sacrifices that you make every single day in order to take care of your beloved children. 

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A mother's love is the truest form of love, one can't even imagine what a mother won't do for her children's happiness and what she does everyday. Being a mother is a blessing maybe, but being showered with love and having a mother by your side is actually a blessing. 

Happy Mother's Day. We love you mothers, so much. May God bless our mothers with a long healthy life that we have the honor to fill with happiness and as much love as they blessed our lives with.

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Ditto #42: Me When Unwanted Guests Come Home, GIF, Ditto, Guests, Unwanted Guests, Home, Visit, Inside Out, Disney, Pixar, Animation, Parents

Not that I'm an anti-social person, but I just can't take unwanted guests' visits when they become the reason for my plans' ruination. I'm a good person like most of you when it comes to making relations with people, but I'm moody too and get frustrated easily. 

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But, thank goodness, I'm not adult enough to live on my own and my parents are in-charge of the house, so I get to hide in my room when unwanted guests, who ruin my plans by their visit, come home. It is one of the many perks of living with parents, I guess!

Guests are equivalent to God. They visit us 'cause they care and hence they take out their time to see us. We must always treat every guest with respect and love, even the guests we don't like. And in an ignorant age of social media, thank God for any guest who visits you.

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Ditto #41: When Leonardo DiCaprio Won The Oscar, GIF, Ditto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscars, The Academy, Hollywood, Movie Star, Actor, Happy, Dance, Dancing

I don't know for sure if Leonardo DiCaprio will win the Oscar, because, I mean, you know, why the f*ck has he not won the Oscar already? Has there been a conspiracy going on against Leonardo? Who knows, maybe? 

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But... I have this strong intuition that he will win this time, he's got to win this time. And, if he doesn't then our doubt that there's been a conspiracy going on against him will be put to rest. He deserves to win the Oscar, he's a great actor, no doubt about it.

And, when he'll win, I'm gonna do a quick dance myself, out of ecstasy. And then I'll be glued to my television to hear his award acceptance speech. What will he say? Will he crack a joke, "Ah, finally!"? Or, will his tone have a hint of sarcasm, at all? I'm so excited to find out.

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Update: Leonardo did win the Oscar. There was no sarcasm to be detected in his tone, though many believe that he subtly flipped off The Academy. I uttered 'f*ck' when his name was announced. For some unknown reason I was extremely happy and had a huge grin on my face. And oh, Chris Rock was a lame host. I missed Ellen.

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Ditto #40: How Fast Government Employees Work, GIF, Ditto, Sloths, Government Employees, Lazy People, Zootopia, Animation

You have got to be patient to get your job done by government employees. Not that all government employees are slothful, but the government processes are so long that... you know, it takes over a month to get something done.

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But there's hope, the world is changing. Maybe in 10 years or so, government offices will be filled with modern-technology machines to hasten the work. Though, I hope that men won't completely surrender to comfort and let machines do all the work. 'Cause if that'd be the case, humans will be doomed. No-one wants what happened to humans in Wall-E and to the bees in Bee Movie to become a reality.

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Ditto #39: Overprotective Fathers Be Like, GIF, Ditto, Ice Age 3, Mammoths, Animation, Father, Daughter, Overprotective Father, Life, Love, Happiness, Pain

It is in a Father's system by default to keep his daughter from any harm. But, especially from Boys. They are kinda cute, the fathers who are overprotective. But for their daughters, they might not be so cute. 

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It's okay to be overprotective but one must not put so many bars on anyone's freedom. Because as someone has said, "Life is an adventure, you can't learn from anyone's mistakes. You must go out there and make your own. You will either get hurt or you might find the most beautiful thing in the entire world". You can try but you can't actually ever protect anyone, and you don't even have to. Because happiness and pain, they both go hand in hand, and it's okay to experience them both. It is okay. 

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Did you know?
- Approximately 63% of youth suicides in the U.S. are kids who live in a home without a father.

- The world’s oldest father is believed to be Ramjit Raghav from India. He was 96 years old when his 52-year-old wife gave birth to a baby boy in 2010. Raghav was single until he was in his 80s. Read more

- A male who has many brothers is more likely to have sons. In contrast, a man who has many sisters is more likely to have daughters.

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Ditto #38: When Bae Smiles At You, GIF, Ditto, Pig, Smiling, Bae, Baby, Babe, In Love, Love Struck, Crazy In Love, Hypnotized, Mesmerized

"I can't keep my eyes off you
I can't keep my mind off you"

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It is every lover's complain. Because love makes it's victims helpless. But there's pleasure in this kind of helplessness. Love makes a person realize the beauty, every bit of this world holds. And therefore, it makes the heart bearing love into a heart of gold.

Shakespeare has beautifully captured a lover's condition in these lines- 
"And then the lover, 
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad 
Made to his mistress' eyebrow."

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Ditto #37: Stuffed Crust Pizza Lovers Be Like, GIF, Ditto, Pizza, Cheese Burst Pizza, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Minions, Agnes, Edith, Margo, Despicable Me, Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Home Delivery, Delicious, Food, Drool

"Oooo.. stuffed crust!"
Take your eyes off Agnes and please have a look at that tiny little cutie Minion in the other Minion's hand. Ain't he just so insanely adorable? I wish they were real so bad. I know, the entire world wishes the same!

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Did you know?
Minions are the official mascot of Illumination Entertainment.

- The Minions were partly inspired by the Jawas in the original Star Wars franchise, and the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka.

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