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He saw her laughing from a distance. Though he tried, but he just couldn't look away. He was drawn to her, as if she was the piper who had his senses depleted by the sound of her chuckles. There was something so strong, some connection, or sorcery that was pulling him towards her. Like an insect is drawn to light, he was helplessly drawn to her. 

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An Open Letter To Selena Gomez

Dear Selena Gomez,

I won't lie, I've been putting this letter (/post) off for quite a while now. It was saved as an empty draft since 17th October. The reason why I wanted to write this letter to you in the first place was to tell you to hold on. I saw the news that announced your admittance to a rehab facility to fight depression on 16th October. I got so scared, the first thing that crossed my mind was, "She's gonna kill herself". And that fear made me to decide to write an open letter to you. To help you. 

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I had so many things, so many thoughts to share with you that I thought might help you to persevere. But, I didn't write anything until today, because I thought what might I say that you haven't been told already? Or, how would a letter be of more help to you than the professional help that you're already getting? And hence, all the words got flushed out of my brain and I was left with nothing to say to you. 

It is pointless to say that I understand your pain and struggles, because no one can. That's the thing about pain, you can sympathize with someone for what they are going through, but you can't really understand their pain. Not if you haven't suffered the same damn thing! And, depression ain't as small as pain, it's an entire ocean of pain and darkness. I don't even know the reasons for your depression, but I know that it's a life-threatening and soul-eating monster that should be conquered.

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I've been through depression myself, I don't know what degree depression it was, but it was very hard to get through it. Alone. In silence. All I can share with you is what I have learned from my battle with the monstrous depression and what strategies to use to come out as a winner.

The very first step towards recovery is to accept the reality and to accept that you are ALL you have. It is really sad though, that you're all you have and you're all you can depend on. But, once this will get settled into your system, it'll get a bit easier to carry on. Channel your emotions, cherish small things and be connected to your soul. Hold on to good, positive things and people, that'll keep you from drowning. And there's no strategy, not really, except that don't kill yourself. Please, always shake off the temptation to end your life. 

You recently seemed better at the AMAs 2016. You are doing good. Keep fighting. Hold On. The entire world loves you and prays for your full recovery. You know the rest, you know what you mean to people, to little girls. You're a smart, wonderful and a strong woman who I believe can figure out how to defeat depression. You are the hero of your story, Selena. Heroes don't quit, they persevere and they win.

That's all I have to say. That's all I can say.

P.S. It's only your hand that can pull you out of depression.

Lots of love.
Sending positive vibes and willpower.

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Nobody wants to live where they are, they all wanna be in a fantasy. And so they keep running and never settle down or find peace. God has made people so!

People are corrupted by fantasies and even more corrupted by materialism. We keep on running after every other enticing thing that comes in our sight, be it a pretty woman or a car, and not realize the reality. We value 'what could have been' and 'would be' more than the reality. And that doesn't let us enjoy the present.

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